Early Childhood Parents Organization

E. C. P. O.


ECPO is committed to enriching the educational and social experience of the Merrill Elementary School

students and their families. ECPO exists to raise funds that support the students' educational efforts and

extracurricular activities.

Funds raised are used for enrichment programs, field trips, field days, parent-child first grade social,

Breakfast with Santa, classroom supplies, books, and playground equipment.

It is our intention to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages families to participate in both

educational and social events that build pride in our school and in our community.


If you are a parent or guardian of a child in the Raynham preschool, kindergarten, or first grade class,

we need your help! It takes everyone's abilities, ideas, and time to make the efforts of the group

successful. Your child's parent group will be a success because of the great participation among the


Studies have shown that when families are involved in children's learning at school and at home everyone

benefits. Schools work better, families become closer, and students improve academically. (Source: US

Department of Education)

The small group atmosphere of committees makes it easy to get to know other parents as you work

together to support the school. There are lots of involvement opportunities with many different levels of

time and commitment involved.

"A partnership to enhance the quality of our students' education!" - Kathryn Tripp, Principal